Shaun Winkler

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Shaun is a partner of Aspect Design Build and serves as President, leading the project management aspect of the company and bridging the relationship between our clients and the “design” and “build” phases of their new home process. Shaun earned his stripes in the Colorado market working for larger production home builders and eventually co-founding an interior design business, Vintage Elements, with his wife Stacia and a custom home building business, Aspect West Builders, with Tom.

Shaun grew up in his family’s log home business in Bemidji. “Home building to me was meeting someone at our kitchen counter, drafting concepts on scrap paper, possibly looking at magazine clippings, shaking hands, and starting work in a week or two. It was within this view of the industry that I got my taste for home building as a craft.” After receiving his undergraduate degree from the Colorado College and a brief pursuit of medicine, he went into home building as a profession while working through his MBA the University of Denver. Shaun operated in Colorado for 12 years before Shaun and Stacia moved their family to the Twin Cities in 2015.

Shaun believes our industry is built on the assets of creativity, integrity, compassion, focus and hard work and that these ideals must be elevated to our clients and colleagues in all we do. As a part of the community, Shaun’s philanthropic history includes several Home Builders Foundation projects, the Boys and Girls Club’s “Home for Good”, and the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital “Dream Home”. Shaun and Stacia have two young children and reside in Orono.

Tom Preissing

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Tom is a partner in Aspect Design Build and works involved in all areas of the business. He also carries an active real estate license. With client relationships as the main focus, he helps merge budgeting, finance, and real estate purchases in a seamless, client-friendly way.

The son of two teachers, Tom grew up in the Rosemount area. In the summers, his dad worked as an electrician and, while in high school, one of Tom’s first jobs was as an apprentice electrician. He received an undergraduate Economics degree from Colorado College in 2003 while also playing hockey there. As a senior captain, he was named to the All-America and Academic All-America teams, while also being recognized as the WCHA Student-athlete of the Year. He went on to play professional hockey for ten years in both the NHL (six years) and throughout Europe.

Above all, Tom enjoys spending his free time with his wife (Danielle) and children (Ellis, Quinn, and Marlowe). When time permits, the first thing he reaches for is a golf club. He also enjoys a good beer. The Preissing family resides in Deephaven.


Q: Why Aspect Design Build? What is the significance of the name?

A: Our name attempts to capture the thoughtful way we approach our craft. Specifically:

Aspect is defined as “appearance to the eye”, and “the way in which something can be considered”. As a personal builder, we are involved in every Aspect of our client’s Design and Build. Each project is personal, unique, and the details are carefully thought out so that we are able to achieve the client’s Aspect of the project.

Design is a creative process with several Aspects within each project. Home design marries individual lifestyle needs with a mix of architectural lines, massing, lighting, colors, and textures. Cohesively blending them to allow form and function to be beautiful, unique, and tailored to each client.

Build is structure, but perhaps more importantly reflects the entire project from start to finish. Being involved in every Aspect from the beginning, we are able to continually reference our client’s vision, and interpret the Build through the their eyes, not our own. Our goal isn’t to build a house and move on. Our desire is to be with the client every step of the way in hopes of providing a custom solution to each client’s unique real estate need as a whole. It’s a service that only a personal builder could provide.

Q: You’ve mentioned the term “Personal Builder”. What does it mean to be a Personal Builder?

A: We were brought up to believe that a strong, personal connection is at the foundation of an effective relationship. We bring that same core value to Aspect Design Build. In times that have become more and more impersonal, we strive for the opposite. The two of us are involved in every phase of Aspect Design Build, which ensures an emphasis on relationships with both our clients and each professional

involved in the process. From the architect and loan provider to the plumber and finish carpenter, our established partnerships mean clients can be assured our professional affiliates share in our commitment to quality and detail. To that end, we choose to work with a limited number of clients each year to provide the kind of tailored, personal attention and communication needed to deliver on the Design Build promise. That’s what we feel it means to be a personal builder.


Q: What is your story? How did you get your start?

A: Our partnership was bred out of our passion for real estate, for caring about the details, and the desire to create something unique… something special. Trust was forged on the ice rink, while playing hockey together at The Colorado College (During the WCHA era, before the Big Ten – don’t get us started on that league!)

After college, our individual career paths kept us in the mountains of Colorado. In 2012, we made the decision to join our expertise and founded Aspect West Builders. There, we built a few showcase homes and pursued various real estate transactions. While each of us loved Colorado, we found with our young children, the yearning for our family roots in MN were too intense to ignore. We made the life-decision to move back “home” to Minnesota and established Aspect Design Build.

Relying on previous relationships and connections, we have been able to assemble a very experienced and respected team of professionals.

Q: What are you the most passionate about?

Shaun: I have a long-standing vision to bring home building back to its core roots. To recreate certain ideologies of what the craft used to be, and infuse them into 21st century home building practices. There was a time when a builder was a cornerstone of the community, a person who helped not only construct, but also shape the town. Someone that could be trusted for their expertise, skill, and hard work. Often, I hear people say, “They don’t build houses like they used to”. I agree, they don’t build houses like they used to. With new technologies like engineered structural components, designed mechanical systems, and more durable products, houses today are built better. Or, at least the opportunity is there to build them better. As a home builder, our job is to blend the best of old and new. I love to work alongside our clients, with the goal of creating a home that they love and holds lasting value to both the client and the community.

Tom: I absolutely love being part of a business that is both team-based and unique. Home building is a profession that offers different challenges daily, which keeps it interesting. Bringing so many different, markedly skilled people together is a challenging and sometimes tough, but extremely rewarding process. Without a great team of individuals coming together, building a house would be a daunting challenge. However, when you put the right group of people together, the project ends up a well-built, distinctive, balanced structure. It starts as a house, and ends as a home.

Q: Deep dish, traditional, or thin crust?

Tom: I was born in Illinois, so my first thought brings me to my deep dish Chicago roots. Then I move to my youth, spent eating at places like Davanni’s and loving their traditional. Now, I’m drawn to that thinner pizza that is crispy on the outside, with a nice chewy crust (hello Pizzeria Lola). In the end, if I’m being honest here, I feel pizza is like bacon…even bad stuff is still pretty good. Except when olives are added.

davespizzaShaun: That’s an easy one, Dave’s Pizza in Bemidji, MN and it doesn’t matter if it’s deep dish, traditional, or thin crust. Dave’s has been a family owned business in my hometown since 1958. It was located three blocks from my high school, it was the pizza joint when my parents were in school, and it has always been operated by the same family-based, cornerstone of the community values that I appreciate. It’s also hands down the best pizza I have ever had. I like pizza with a lot of sauce and theirs is the best.